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In 1997 we added two new major additions. First came the purchase and testing of the Ramsey FM-10 STEREO TRANSMITTER. This kit which is available at the Ramsey Web Site costs about $35.00 and takes about 10 years to get working. There were several several problems (including user error) that plagued the completion of this part of the plan but when Mr. Nick got all of those resolved, I started on part two. The second part was synchronizing the lights to move with the music. We constructed 16, C-9 style lamps out of Plywood using the "drill a billion holes" method. They are 2 feet tall and 18 inches wide. They are mounted above the garage on a 2X4 frame. The idea is for the lights to act like a V.U. meter. As the music gets louder, more lights are lit. As the music gets softer, less lights are lit. The electronics are controlled by a VU meter circuit which is connected to a small amplifier that is connected to a CD player.

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