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This Angel was created in 1994 and originally had a wingspan of over 20 feet that was made up of over 1000 lights. It used the same up/down controller that is used on Frosty and the train. It was constructed using the "drill a billion holes" method and attaches to the crest of the garage. The wings and halo that are on the display use a set of GOLD chase lights arranged to give a "flapping" effect. This uses about 500 lights.



The Candy Canes were added in 1994 as well and also use the "drill a billion holes" method. The lights are a single set of chase lights arranged to give a kind of Barber Pole effect. There are 3 of them and each has 140 lights.


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Check Out The Controller
Some of the first projects were these Stars and Snowflakes. The stars are made from PVC pipe or Aluminum rails. The Snowflakes were made at the same time as the EVIL Frosty was made using the "drill a billion holes" method. There are 7 Stars and 4 snowflakes. They are controlled by a custom DOS based computer program.


Check Out The Controller
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